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Top Tips On How To Fall & Stay Asleep

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

As hectic as our lives and the world can get, it is super important to make sure we are practicing self-care and getting that full night's sleep we all need. As bedding consultants / specialists - we have rounded up some of our favorite tips to help you fall asleep easily, and most importantly, STAY asleep!

A Solid Foundation

The biggest keys to a comfortable night's sleep come from three things - your mattress, pillows, and your sheets/bedding.

How old is that mattress? Is it lumpy? Having a comfortable mattress is the MOST important factor in getting a comfortable night's sleep. Maybe getting a whole new mattress isn't an option for you, NO PROBLEM! There are so many ways to adjust an existing mattress to be more comfortable with the use of mattress pads and protectors that adjust comfortability.

Same goes for your sleeping pillows - are they sad and lifeless? Are you constantly fighting with them to get comfortable? Most people know that they should replace their mattress every 8-10 years, but did you know it is recommended to replace your sleeping pillows every 1-2 years? These recommendations can be extended if you are using proper protectors and cleaning protocols, but that pillow you've had since high-school has to go!

Lastly, what is on your bed? Are you a hot sleeper? Then percale cotton or linen sheets would be best, and maybe you skip the duvet and just use a coverlet and/or a blanket. Love the look of a duvet, but you are a hot sleeper? Ask for something that is "summer-weight", or lighter so you don't get as hot. If you run cold, look for sateen sheets and maybe consider a heavier duvet insert. Maybe you sleep one way and your spouse sleeps another - layer your bed with blankets and a duvet so you can pull-off or pull-on layers as needed.

Makes Scents

Being surrounded by relaxing scents is a great way to help you fall and stay asleep. These are some of our favorite ways to infuse your bedroom, and some of our favorite scents known for helping you unwind and relax:

Linen Sprays - So easy to DIY (See some recipes here), or they are pretty inexpensive to find at any local department or home decor store. Spray on your bed when you make it, and before you go to bed at night. Lavender, Clary Sage, and Bergamot are great options for a relaxing mist!

Pillow Sachet - A small bag used to hold scents. These are also a super easy DIY, or you can find several options for sale online and in stores. These are great for keeping in your linen drawers / closets, and you can even keep under your pillow as you sleep. Lavender is obviously a great option to choose, but there are so many different combinations out there!

Diffusers - If you have the option of keeping a diffuser by your bed, this is another great way to keep your entire bedroom smelling like a 5-star spa! Some of them offer a water-feature sound that can be nice background noise while you sleep. Some great oils to diffuse while sleeping: Lavender, Clary Sage, Frakincense, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Rose Hip, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood.*

*Please be careful when mixing essential oils, and always reference a recipe or guidance - especially if pregnant!

Sounds Nice

I personally need a little background noise sometimes to get me drifting off into La La Land. Having some type of white noise or frequency/meditation music playing can help drown out unwanted sounds from neighborhood animals to noisy neighbors. Our dogs particularly love the sound of crashing waves at night to mask the cry's of feral cats outside 🤷‍♀. Whatever has you counting sheep faster!

Accessories Please

Foam Earplugs From Amazon

Sometimes you just need a little extra help to get the job done. I personally keep a pair of foam earplugs and an eye mask in my nightstand. They are serious life-savers for those nights when I really can't sleep.

Full disclosure - I sleep with my eyes slightly open (something my husband took some getting used to). So the slightest bit of light in our bedroom can wake me up. I am also an extremely light sleeper, so on the nights I am really anxious and every noise bothers me, the ear plugs help me escape into a nice book until I am drooling on my pillow. UPDATE: I recently found this eye-mask that also has bluetooth headphones built-in! It has been a game-changer!

Eye Mask with Bluetooth Headphones from Amazon

If you want to go the Full-Monty you can get a silk pillowcase. Silk is a super breathable fiber - so it will help keep your head cool if you are a hot sleeper. In addition, it helps keep your hair perfectly quaffed and your skin soft! #bonus

Silk Sleep Mast from Nordstrom

Silk Pillowcase from Nordstrom

On nights when I wake up and can't get myself back to sleep - I swear by a weighted blanket. I was skeptical at first, but for me it really does the trick when I am super restless. My husband is even signing-on to this trend, and there have been nights we have fought over ours!

Reversible Weighted Blanket from Macy's

Create A Wind-Down Ritual

Take a relaxing epsom salt bath with essential oils, or maybe un-plug for a bit tending to a Korean Skin Care ritual. Brew some relaxing sleepy-time tea, take melatonin, and put your phone away. Instead, read a relaxing book in a dimly lit room. Maybe try journaling before bed to release some of the stress you collected during the day. Creating a routine at night can really help prepare your mind for a restful nights sleep.

If you find yourself waking in the middle of the night and can't fall back to sleep, get up and drink a warm glass of water. Lay on the couch with a dim light and try to read, and avoid picking up your cellphone! Lay back down and try some breathing techniques to get you back to your best REM life!

Self-Care Is The Best Care

Sleep is such an important part of our self-care regimen! No matter what you have going on in your life, always be sure you are getting enough ZZZ's. If you are having any issues falling or staying asleep, hopefully some of these tips will come in handy!

Sleep Soundly,


Team Bedding Babes