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#THROWTHURSDAY - Installment #3

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

A behind the scenes photo taken by Drop Anchor Films

Walking around the streets of Orlando, I am always distracted and inspired by the local street art we have all over our City Beautiful! It had me thinking about something fun we could do with some of our colorful throw blankets, and hence, #throwthursday was born!

This idea/inspiration gave us an opportunity to collaborate with our friends at Drop Anchor Films (Check out their awesome portfolio HERE). We have been looking for the perfect project we could work on together, and this seemed like the right one!

This campaign combines a few of my favorite things: soft throws, fresh florals, and street art! I hope you enjoy, because I think I have found a new addiction! It has also been a way for me to cure my COVID blues!


Artist: Kristie Burke / kristipaintsorlando (Follow her on Instagram HERE)

Location: GB's Bottle Shop off Virgina Ave. (Instagram HERE)

This artist has done many other murals around the Orlando and Sanford area.

If you want a great place to see many colorful wall murals - head over to the Ivanhoe District. That is where this weeks mural installment is located! When my husband and I first moved to Orlando back in 2016 - this part of town was our favorite! We had our first anniversary dinner at Santiago's Bodega, and the patio at Hammered Lamb is one of the best patio bars in Orlando (in my opinion). The mural itself is on the side of GB's Bottle Shop - which is an excellent purveyor of all things craft beer and delicious wines!

More to come next week, thanks for following along!



Bedding Babes


Photo & Film Credit: Drop Anchor Films

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