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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

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I was really trying to write something light-hearted, and maybe even design related, as I sit here planning my Easter menu and table decor. However, the upcoming holiday has me reflecting on a lot, besides just missing my family.

The last year or so I have felt like I have been trapped in the movie Groundhog Day. Every morning, waking just to fill my day with everything I need to do in order to keep my life moving. The last decade or more I have been on-my-grind to reach a goal that was constantly being moved (by yours truly 🤷‍♀️), causing me to lose my passion and purpose. Focusing more on the past, or what could be, instead of being in the present moment. (I talked about this in a previous blog post - read HERE)

While the last few weeks (almost a month now 😬) has been trying for me personally, I also try to remind myself constantly the gift I have been given (we all have been given, really). This is the time to really hone-in on what we want for our lives so all of us can continue to achieve our best and highest potential.

There was an article that circulated a while back that talked about whether or not you hear an "inner voice". I am not sure where you stand on this, but my inner voice is loud, and she is a real bitch! As much as that voice has been what motivates me to constantly strive to do better, and be a better person, she can also get in the way with her negativity. To be alone with that inner voice for an extended period of time has been a real struggle for me. I have found myself many times getting caught up in what needs to be done, worrying about what I didn't do, or things I cannot change from the past. It gets me stuck, and before I know it the entire day has been wasted leaving me even more disappointed in myself - and the cycle continues.

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If you haven't noticed, I have been trying to take a break from social media lately, and really focus inward on thought patterns and mindsets/attitudes that no longer suit me and my future goals. However, when I am on social media, I can see I am not alone in this thought process. I hope everyone can not only take the time to go within themselves, but also take the time to notice the societal themes and patterns that are no longer working.

In an instant millions upon millions of people in our country are out of jobs and now without health insurance, during a time when health insurance is SO vital. Our medical system was not prepared for such an influx of patients, and thus our healthcare workers are exhausted and without proper protection. Not to mention that general food and supply chains throughout the world are seeing strains and struggles that we have yet to see the full extent of. I am sure there will be a plethora of unknown impacts from our current situation.

However, this collective pause has also had some positive effects! You can hear birds chirping instead of traffic noises on the busy streets of Manhattan. Coyotes have been seen crossing the Golden Gate bridge. Dolphins have returned to the canals of Venice, Italy. Clear skies are replacing smog clouds that used to linger over cities like Los Angelas, California and Dehli, India. It is amazing how quickly things can be restored!

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Which brings me back to Easter. While I am not a very religious person, to me Easter means resurrection - or a rebirth. Spring has sprung and the ice from winter has thawed, brining fresh flowers and enticing animals from their winter slumber. I can't help but hope this pandemic is forcing all of us to have a re-birth as well. A transformation into something new, something better. Leaving behind old ways that are no longer working, and continue on with new ways and ideas that bring even more light and joy into our lives! Many blessing to you all this Easter, and I hope you can find some way to spend some time with loved ones!

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