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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Join us while we style this living room three different ways for fall! Shop the links below!

We have had a few consistent days here in Florida where the temperatures have not gone past the upper 80's (at least in Orlando), and in the mornings we have even seen temperatures with the number seven in front of them! This has me jumping on the bandwagon, craving pumpkin donuts and apple cider, because IT'S FALL Y'ALL!!

In celebration, we thought we would share our take on fall/seasonal decor! Our preferred approach is to take classic pieces that can easily stand the test of time, and also flawlessly transition with all of your holiday decor. We have taken this modern-farmhouse inspired living room and styled it three different ways for the fall season. Scroll through the looks below and let us know what you think!

Let's Cover the Basics:

Here are the links to all the main furniture items we used for this living room look! Our goal was to create an organic, cozy space - perfect for sipping cider on those cool fall nights! The neutral palette is perfect for switching out accessories any way you choose!

1. Mirror / 2. Botanical Art / 3. Candlestick Holders: Large & Medium / 4. Media Unit / 5. Lamp / 6. Fireplace Candleabra / 7. Floor Lamp / 8. Sofa / 9. Wood Drum Side Table / 10. Coffee Table / 11. Side Chair / 12. Gold Side Table / 13. Area Rug

Fall Styling - Option 1:

Sticking with the modern farmhouse theme, here we selected fall "inspired" accessories (with the exception of the pumpkins) that can really be switched in and out any time of year! Using garland in our season decor is our favorite way to add an earthy, organic vibe that doesn't feel so kitschy. See the links for the accessories used, but all the main furniture items are tagged at the top!

1. Hurricane Lamp (Remote Candle HERE) / 2. Glass Vase / 3. Faux Olive Leaves / 4. Vintage Books / 5. Candlestick Holders: Large & Medium / 6. Small Brass Pumpkin / 7. Garland / 8. Fireplace Candleabra / 9. Metal Pitcher / 10. Basket / 11. Throw Blanket / 12. Large Animal Print Pillows / 13. Small Green Velvet Pillows / 14. Clock / 15. Small Pumpkins / 16. Wood Bowl / 17. Candle

Fall Styling - Option 2:

In this version we decided to go with an "Old-World" feel, with pops of rusty-orange and red to contrast the green tones. Don't you love that just by switching out a few minor pieces you can get a completely different look and feel?! All accessories linked below....key furniture items are tagged at the top!

1. Candlestick Holders: Large & Medium / 2. Ceramic Jug / 3. Vintage Globe / 4. Small Brass Pumpkin / 5. Garland / 6. Small Pumpkins / 7. Wood Bowl / 8. Faux Hydrangea / 9. Large Hurricane Lamp (Candle HERE) / 10. Glass Vase / 11. Faux Olive Leaves / 12. Corded Pumpkin / 13. Large Animal Print Pillows / 14. Small Orange Velvet Pillow / 15. Throw Blanket / 16. Large Glass Pumpkin / 17. Small Glass Pumpkin / 18. Small Hurricane Lamp (Candle HERE) / 19. Fireplace Candleabra / 20. Vintage Books (Under globe on fireplace) /

21. Clock / 22. Candle

Fall Styling - Option 3:

Taking a more "rustic-modern" twist for this final Fall transition, keeping the look clean and organic. Monochromatic hints of color and natural, fall-inspired accessories really create a homey and inviting environment for you and your guests! See the accessory links below - big pieces at the top!

1. Wood Dough bowl / 2. White Pumpkin / 3. Buffalo Check Pumpkin / 4. Garland / 5. Glass Vase / 6. Faux Olive Leaves / 7. Vintage Globe / 8. Small Brass Pumpkin / 9. Vintage Books / 10. Clock / 11. Fireplace Candleabra / 12. Basket / 13. Throw Blanket / 14. Striped Pillow / 15. Green Velvet Pillows / 16. Vintage Books / 17. Candle / 18. Sculptural Bowl / 19. Moss Spheres


As always, thanks for joining us, and stay tuned for more seasonal look coming soon!

Happy Pumpkin Picking!


Team Bedding Babes

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