Shop the Look: Eclectic Bohemian Bedroom

More and more we are finding touches of the Bohemian design trend creeping its way into all sorts of different design styles. From Mid-Century Modern spaces, to Modern Farmhouse looks, and I have even seen them used in a more Traditional design settings. I personally love how Bohemian touches create an approachable and relaxed feel to a space!

With this look, we wanted to create something that had a vintage/global feel, while still maintaining a modern edge! Bohemian touches (like the rug and throw pillows) are mixed with more modern elements (like the bed and lighting) to give this space a relaxing, yet inviting, feel with a sophisticated edge! Shop the look below, and be sure to subscribe for more curated looks!

1. Chandelier / 2. Curtains & Hardware / 3. Art / 4. Fiddle Leaf Tree (Faux) / 5. Upholstered Bed / 6. Square Throw Pillows 7. Lumbar Pillow 8. Sheets / 9. Duvet Cover / 10. Coverlet / 11. Bench / 12. Nightstands / 13. Bedside Lamps / 14. Area Rug / 15. Dresser / 16. Baskets (We suggest using one as a planter for the fig tree!)

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Team Bedding Babes

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