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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

I was recently talking with a friend about our Mardi Gras party from earlier this year, and we both decided that felt like an eternity ago, when in reality it was only about six months ago! This had me thinking. Over the last half-year I have been grinding harder than ever before, (genius here to decided to start a business before a pandemic) and with what seems like little reward. IT WAS TIME FOR A VACATION!

Since the world went mad, I haven't been making my frequent trips home to Jacksonville, FL to see my family. My niece and nephew being especially neglected because when we come for the weekend, they usually have to see their dad as well. So, a plan was hatched! My sister was able to meet me at the beach with her kids, and we got to spend some much needed QT time on the beach!

Being away from home for so long, really had me feeling nostalgic. I forgot how lucky I was to grow up in such a beautiful place. If you have never visited Atlantic Beach, FL - you are truly missing out. It is a hidden Florida Gem! It has a laid-back, family oriented atmosphere, with a California meets Martha's Vineyard kind of vibe.

One morning, I decided to get up early. On a mission to find a house I remember from when I was about early twenties, and had just started college. At the time, I worked at a natural food store in Atlantic Beach (Turtle Island Market if you are in the know). While riding bikes with friends along Beach Ave, one of them pointed towards the beach and said, "Hey, that's the Dune House". A quick look, and I just saw a grassy sand dune. However, staring a moment longer, I realized this was no pile of sand. It was a James Bond-Esque house that if you looked too quickly, it would be missed! Perfectly molded into its natural surroundings. My heart skipped a beat, and I remember standing there for way too long. Friends far in the distance, my brain working over-time. Even then my appreciation for architecture was intense.

Rumor has it the Dune House was created after Hurricane Dora hit in 1964. In the aftermath of the storm, a local architect named William Morgan saw more than just damage from a bad storm. He saw an opportunity to make something spectacular, and he also wanted to preserve the view from his own residence next door!

Front of Dune House / Photo Credit: Karen Beben

From the street, all you can see is a small turf-covered mount, with two staircases on either side leading to the beach. In the center of the mound, the front doors are hardly visible through organic swirls that make a cut-out in the grassy knoll.

Beach Side of House / Photo Credit: Karen Beben

On the beach side of the house, tall sea grasses conceal two horse-shoe openings that almost make it seem like the house has two eyes looking out on the ocean.

Front Door / Photo Credit: Zillow

There are no right-angles used inside the house. All the interior elements are modeled after a Nautilus shell, giving the home an extremely organic feel. The subterranean-duplex is also insulated by the dunes around it - making it easier to keep cool in the summers and warm in the winters!

Living Area & Loft / Photo Credit: Zillow

Curved wood and glass doors open into a two-story living space, with a spiral staircase leading up to a bedroom loft that has built-in closet storage concealed in the wood paneling. While each unit is only about 750 square-feet, every inch of space is utilized.

Loft Spiral Staircase / Photo Credit: Zillow

The keyhole created from the horse-shoe shapes on the back facade of the building, almost makes you feel like you are peering out the window of a submarine.

View From Living Area / Photo Credit: Zillow

I really wouldn't mind having my morning coffee here...

Patio / Photo Credit: Zillow

Or here....

Sun Deck / Photo Credit: Zillow

Well, we hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane, and that you appreciate modern architecture as much as we do!

Most importantly, don't forget to keep yourself fully charged! It is the only way you can keep up that momentum! So often we get caught up in the routine of life, that we forget to stop and appreciate the little things!

Restfully Yours,



PS. Link to Zillow Article HERE

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