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Pillow Talk: Our Top Tips on How To Style Decorative Throw Pillows

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Nothing completes a look more than the right throw pillow combination - shop these looks and more below!

Want an easy way to give your room a completely different look and feel? Swap out your throw pillows! There is nothing better than a set of good decorative throw pillows to give you instant design gratification! Maybe you are just wanting to update your space for a new season? Easy, store some seasonal pillow covers with your decor for a quick and seamless transition!

Here are a few more of our favorite tips & tricks when it comes to styling pillows:

Tip #1 Collect Covers!

We always recommend buying decorative throw pillows that allow you to remove the cover for easy washing, and also allows you to reuse your existing fillers! Sometimes pillows are sold as just the pillow cover - we offer several of our pillow options this way! (SHOP NOW) . Pillow covers are easy to store, and you don't have an excess of bulky pillow inserts you don't need. Like we mentioned earlier, you can easily fold and store pillow covers with your other seasonal decor, or keep them with your other linens! Whenever you are getting a little bored with your space, just pull out a few fresh covers for a mini room make-over!

Tip #2 Size-Up Inserts!

There is nothing worse than a sad, pancake-looking, lifeless, throw pillow! We always suggest purchasing pillow inserts that are 1-2" larger than the cover you are using. For example, if your pillow cover is 20x20 then you should purchase an insert that is 21x21 or even 22x22. This will ensure a nice full look that will be sure to pass the "karate-chop" test!

Tip #3 Add Color!

A Colorful Throw Pillow Collection - Shop pillows here:

Colorful Pattern Pillow / White Textural Solid Pillow / Teal Color Block Pillow / Pink Textural Solid Pillow

We love using throw pillows as a way to bring in a bold pop of color to a room, especially with clients that are concerned about having too much color. This way, if they ever get bored, we can switch things up without having to re-do the entire space! Our trick is to find a pillow that has a colorful pattern with a nice color palette to pull from. Then, add-in other solids, textures, and smaller-scale patterns to coordinate!

Tip #4 Symmetry Vs. Non-Symmetry

Grey Sofa Styled Two Ways: Shop the Sofa HERE, Pillows from Symmetrical Arrangement are HERE & HERE, Pillows from A-Symmetrical: Yellow Pillow HERE, Green Pillow HERE, and lumbar pillow HERE

Are you wanting a more relaxed feeling, or is your space a more formal environment? This can affect how you might arrange the pillows on your sofa! A more formal space might call for more of a symmetrical look, while a more relaxed space might have more of a mix-and-match arrangement of pillows where sizes and groupings vary.

Tip #5 Mix It Up!

There are no rules with it comes to pillow play! Not a single pillow on that couch or bed has to match! Don't be afraid to really mix things up with your selections - here are some fun suggestions on how you can mix & match different pillows for a cohesive look:

Fun Throw Pillow Collections:

Row 1: First / Middle / Last

Row 2: First / Middle / Last

Row 3: First / Middle / Last


Hopefully this helps demystify pillow arrangements for the future, but we are always just a click away if you need us! We can always curate a collection of pillows for any home!

As always, thanks for joining us - and don't forget to subscribe for more design tips & tricks!

Life is short, buy the pillow!

XO Team Bedding Babes

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