Our Mother's Day Gift Guide: Presents Sure To Please!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Mother's day is less than two weeks away, and I know a lot of you are still struggling with the right gift ideas because let's face it - things are kind of weird right now! SO - to relieve some of the pressure we have pulled together our favorite gift options that are sure to make any mom melt!


$235 From Amazon

- AirPods -

When your home is also your office, a classroom, and with the plethora of other distractions around us constantly - it can be nice to have a way to tune it all out. The new AirPod Pro technology has active noise cancellation so if your loved one is having a hard time working from home with all the household noise going on - these are the perfect solution!

$329 From Amazon

- iPad / Tablet / Chrome Book -

If your mom is anything like mine - she is probably going to need a phone or technology upgrade before those zoom calls can happen. Be sure not to select something too big so it is comfortable to hold, or maybe purchase some kind of stand accessory or a Chrome Book type option that can stand on it's own.


1. Three-Piece Satin Set / 2. Super-Soft Long-Sleeve Set / 3. Luxe Jersey Boxer Set

- Pajama Sets -

On those days you don't want to get out of your pajamas, but you also want to feel like you are put together - Pajama Sets! I live by them! It is the only way to quarantine. These are a few of our favorite options for your special ladies to lounge in style!

1. Satin Floral Robe / 2. Ribbed Cotton Light-Weight Robe / 3. Turkish Cotton Terry Cloth

- Bath Robe -

To me a robe is just a wearable blanket, and who doesn't need that?! From terry cloth to snuggly cotton options - these are super comfortable options that can be worn all day!

1. Cotton Herringbone *Contact Us to Purchase* / 2. Cotton Blend Buffalo Check *Contact Us to Purchase* / 3. Sferra Celine Throw

- Throw Blanket -

A nice throw blanket can bring added color and texture to any space, and with lots of down time to relax on the couch, a nice throw blanket is essential! Here are some of our go-to throw blanket options!

1. Silk Eye Mask / 2. Silk Pillowcase / 3. Gift Set W/ Pillowcase & Mask

- Silk Pillowcase / Eye Mask -

Silk pillowcases are the newest trend for skin and hair care! The fibers of the silk are not as harsh on your skin and hair as your standard cotton pillowcase, and the silk fibers will help keep you hair silky soft and smooth. Why not get an eye-mask to match to ensure a sound sleep?!

Subscription Services

This is the gift that just keeps on giving!

1. Ipsy / 2. Birchbox / 3. Fab Fit Fun

- Ipsy / Birchbox / Fab Fit Fun / Etc -

I have been an Ipsy user for a long time. While I like to wear make-up, I get overwhelmed in the stores with all the options, so it is nice to try a bunch of things at my own pace and brands I love. Not to mention that while we have been staying at home more I have switched my preferences to receive more skincare related items like masks and lotions instead of actual make-up. It has been a nice way to unplug at night and do a little self-care skin ritual before bed.

1. Marley Spoon / 2. Sun Basket / 3. Freshly

- Meal Kit -

It can be hard to stay creative with all the additional meals we are preparing these days, not to mention exhausting! Consider purchasing a meal kit plan for your spouse or mom so they can take some extra down time and not have to worry about what is for dinner! These are some of the ones we have tried and liked!

1. Winc Wine Club / 2. First Leaf / 3. Bright Cellars

- Wine Delivery -

I really don't think much explanation is needed here, and I am pretty sure this is guaranteed to get you major brownie points! We did some research, and these are a few of the top rated services. While you are at it - sign us up too!!

Misc Gadgets

Here are some other gadgets we can't live without during this quarantine! I am sure they would come in handy for your loved ones as well!

$26 From Amazon

- Electric Tea Kettle -

Sure, you could make tea on your stove with one of those old-school whistling tea kettles that spit water all over your stove, or you can venture into the 21st century 🤷‍♀️. Having a nice hot, relaxing tea break can be a nice distraction, and not to mention lots of health benefits! These days I have been skipping the coffee and loading up on herbal teas to easy my anxiety. This electric kettle even has a rapid boil feature that gets your water boiling in no time!

$31 From Amazon

- Essential Oil Diffuser -

This is a pandemic essential right here! I have essential oil concoctions for everything (and so does Pinterest)! If I am stressed - it's usually Lavender, Clary Sage, and Basil. If I need a little pep in my step - I mix some kind of citrus with peppermint. If I can't sleep I use Vetiver, Clary Sage and Lavender. Feeling a little under the weather - I love to blend Frankincense, Lemon, Clove, Rosemary, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus (or you can look for a blend called Thieves Oil). This one even comes as a 2-pack so you can freshen up several spaces in your home!

$79 From Amazon

- Instant Pot -

This is new favorite for me - it literally cuts cooking time for certain recipes in half! Which is so important when you have to prep so many meals! If you want to throw in a cookbook that has some amazing recipes to use this bad boy - Christina Curp's Made Whole Made Simple. All of her recipes are clean, healthy, and easy to execute!


Hopefully this handy guide has your shopping lists checked off, or at least has you pointed in the right direction! Need more suggestions, or want a special package put together for your special moms? Contact us for a curated gift package! Wishing everyone an amazing Mother's Day!

All the best,



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