Happy #Caturday

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Cool Cat Inspired Apartment Link HERE

Someone told us today is International Cat day?! In celebration of this glorious hashtag holiday, we have rounded up some our favorite cat toys sure to please your feline friends!

For the Outdoorsy Cat

$50 from Amazon

For the Ninja Warrior Cat

$66 from Amazon

Cat Beds For Days...

$80 from Amazon

$100 from Amazon

$23 from Amazon

$60 from Amazon

A Posh Litter Box

$140 from Amazon

Fun Scratch Condo! (Two-for-one toy!)

$20 from Amazon

For the Cat Climbers

$88 from Amazon

We hope you enjoyed this edition of #caturday! Go and make your furry friends happy, and don't forget the catnip!


Team Bedding Babes


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