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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Photo Courtesy of Lewis Miller

I am not even going to talk about you-know-what. I think what we all need on this fine Friday is a little #FlowerFlash! Something beautiful to take our mind off things, and kick-start the weekend! I honestly don't even remember how I stumbled upon this hashtag a while back, but I am SO happy I did!

The hashtag #FlowerFlash was started by the "Banksy of Florals" Lewis Miller, a NYC floral designer, who had lost his passion for his work. Miller saw a need to bring joy to every-day New Yorker's lives by taking refuse from his elaborate events and installing them randomly in NYC trash cans and other locations across the city (see him explain it better in his Ted Talk HERE). Could you imagine walking out of your apartment, looking up from your phone, and seeing this:

Photo Courtesy of Lewis Miller

Flowers and plants are such a great way to bring fresh energy and life into any space. Here are some flowers that are thought to inspire good health and good vibes during these trying times, and let's be honest, they aren't hard on the eyes either!


Peonies are often called the "King of Flowers", and are thought to be a symbol of good-luck and prosperity. Peonies are known as the flower of wealth and honor. They can attract wealth and romance into your life. Peonies are also a considered a symbol for love and marriage, which can be helpful if you find you and your spouse/partner spending a little EXTRA time together these days : )


While orchids can be really difficult to take care of, I have had had pretty good luck with these plants personally (Have you heard of the ice-cube trick?). It is such a pleasant surprise every year to see them bloom! Orchids represent perfection, love, and natural beauty. They are also known to promote fertility, so - WATCH OUT! (I have a feeling 2021 is already looking like a big baby-boom year 😂)


Boasting a wide variety of colors, this flower is easy to incorporate into any home. Which is a good thing, because Chrysanthemums are thought to signify longevity in health, happiness, love and harmony! I like pairing these with a simple green filler like Italian Ruscus or some kind of Ivy to create an inexpensive centerpiece for my table.

Cherry Blossoms

Plum Blossom

Apple Blossom

These blossoming branches can signify both the end of Winter, and the much anticipated beginning of Spring. Since they bloom after the harshness of winter, they are considered to symbolize endurance and strength. Fresh blossoms are also known to help pull-in good fortune and success through adversity, which I think we all could use a little of these days! If you can't find them as live branches for an arrangement, finding art with these flowers and putting them on your wall can have the same impact!


My mom's favorite flower is the Stargazer Lily (pictured above). Lilies are another flower that are known for symbolizing wealth, but they are also known to eliminate troubles in your life! As beautiful as they are, they also come with a lot of caveats. Be careful if you have cats, they can be poisonous! The Pollen stems can also fall on surfaces and stain. Certain placements are also known to promote fertility 😱! #babyboom2021 - its going to be a thing...


Photo courtesy of Lewis Miller

How can you NOT look at a sunflower and just smile? OK, maybe it's not your jam, but they bring such bright and vibrant energy into your home and are also known for causing happiness and bringing a lot of luck! Since sunflowers tend to always turn and face sunlight, it is thought that they help remind us to focus on what is bright in our lives. Something else we can take cue from as of late!

Narcissus / Daffodil

An other flower that blooms while there tends to still be snow on the ground, symbolizing freshness, renewal, and endurance. Narcissus is considered to bring good luck (especially in your career), and in Chinese culture, the Daffodil specifically is thought to ward off evil spirits. Yellow Daffodils are best to promote health and wellness, and a best suggestion to locate these flowers is in your kitchen. The kitchen is the area of your home that nourishes and sustains life, keeping fresh flowers in this space can amplify good/healthy vibes!

Go Get Your Arrangement On!

Maybe the next run for groceries, take a peek at the offerings in their flower section. having a nice bouquet of any flower will bring you joy as you spend more time at home.

*QUICK TIP* Cut your flowers a few inches higher than you want. To keep your buds as fresh as possible, trim the ends every couple of days and give them fresh water! (A splash of vodka doesn't hurt either, if you can spare it!)

Thank you for joining me, and I hope this reminds you - no matter how crappy the world or our lives get, we should always take a moment to stop and smell the flowers! Follow along on our Instagram stories, and Pinterest for more fresh flower inspo!

Stay Present,




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