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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Happy International Coffee Day folks! Today we are sharing some of our favorite local haunts, showcasing their awesome interiors (YES, Orlando has style) - along with some of our favorite coffee gadgets and accessories! Scroll for more!

The light and bright interiors, paired with their clean bohemian style,

makes the Robinson Room a favorite spot for us to get our remote work done!

Not only is this slow-pour coffee carafe stylish - we can assure you it makes some of the best coffee we have ever had! Make sure you get a good burr grinder that can grind your whole beans to a nice medium ground! Additionally, you should also look into a nice pour-over kettle for boiling water. We recommend buying one that has a spout that comes from the bottom. See our suggestions below!

Coffee Grinder: Top pick by America's Test Kitchen!

(Check out the video HERE)

You can't go wrong with anything OXO, that is why we love their version

of the pour-over kettle (Get the electric version HERE)!

Craft & Common is by-far, one of my favorite places to check emails and people watch!

Is Cuban Coffee More your Speed? We love this stylish percolator!

Or is French Press more your speed?

Excellent coffee, even better over-all business vision, and each one of Credo Coffee's

locations features killer wall murals by local artist @thisisntshannon

(Check out her Instagram HERE )!

Want the luxury of a barista right in your own home? This Nespresso machine makes serious espresso drinks, and will even steam your milk!

Our Best-Buy pod-style brewer!

Don't be fooled by The New General's simple aesthetic,

their menu is elaborate, and they are perfection inside and out!

Best one-touch coffee brewer!

Another America's Test Kitchen Recommendation!

Best-Buy one-touch coffee brewer!

I could come to Glass Knife just to look at their Terrazzo floors,

but the desserts and coffee drinks are as equally exquisite!

Keep your coffee warm with a mug warmer for your desk!

You really can't go wrong visiting any of the Foxtail Coffee locations,

and grab yourself a cold brew while you are there (you will thank me later)!

I can't live with out my milk frother!

Lineage had me with the stained glass window!

Doesn't hurt that their coffee is equally awesome!

Talk about an aesthetically pleasing coffee maker and grinder set!

*More Colors Available*

When you have a coffee bar that turns into a wine and craft beer lounge,

that is just called good business! Easy Luck Orlando and Whippoorwill are such a chill

hang-out spot, that you might never want to leave!

Support two local companies in one with these travel coffee tumblers by Corkcicle, featuring art by Rifle Paper Co.

Now that you know where to go... go out and get yourself caffeinated!! Or save this for later - whatever floats your boat!

Have some more suggestions for us? Drop them in the comments!

Thanks for following along!


Team Bedding Babes

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