All Washed Up? Tips & Tricks To Elevate Your Next Laundry Cycle

Laundry Symbol Meanings

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Break the Cycle

When working on bedding packages for clients, one of the first things we ask them is what level of maintenance they prefer for their home. Many of our clients prefer products that are machine washable, and durable for the long haul! This is why we take such care in finding high-quality products for their homes, and we do our best in educating them on how to properly maintain their purchases! We went over a few basics on how to keep up with your bedding linens (See post HERE), but this can easily transition over to your every-day laundry as well! A wardrobe is an investment after-all, and we want to keep you looking as fresh as possible (in and out of bed)! Here are some of the most common mistakes our clients make when we ask about their every-day laundry process:

  • Overcrowding: Even though you might be using the "Super size" setting, this doesn't mean you should fill the machine up to the tippy-top. Leave some room for the water and detergent to really circulate and get all the dirt and grime out of your garments & linens.

  • Over-drying: This is horrible for the durability of any fiber. Try to remove your sheets and clothing from the dryer before they get too dry. It is actually best to remove your fitted sheet and top sheet while they are still a little damp and let them dry on your bed! If you have a proper mattress cover you wont have any issues with molding, and your sheets will look like they were freshly pressed by some magical maid! If you can - take really delicate items out early, and hang dry them to keep colors from fading faster and fibers from pilling and breaking.

  • Over-Using Harsh Detergents: I know this is going to sound crazy, but there are alternates to bleach that get your clothes looking just as white and fresh with out all the toxic chemicals! I also see clients using way more detergent in general than in necessary - unless they have a newer model of washer that does the measuring for them! This can over-strip the fibers in your clothes and linens, causing the need for faster replacement.

Level-Up Your Laundry

These are just some of our tips and tricks that we like to share with clients to help lighten the load - pun intended 😂🤦‍♀️!!

Sorting Is Key - If you have the space, we highly recommend washing your darks with darks, lights, whites, and any gym related clothing all separately. Linens and towels should be washed separate as well! Pay special attention to your tags as well, and sort things according to the recommended laundering cycle. (See images and descriptions of a few of the most common symbols at the top of this article)

Please, Pre-treat - Before loading things into your machine - take care to treat any spots or stains BEFORE washing! I know this seems like a pain, but you will thank us in the long run! Once stains are washed, and especially dried, it will be even harder to get them out!

Utilize Multiple Detergents - unfortunately, we haven't found that one-size-fits-all detergent that you can use for all occasions. Our favorite line of laundry detergents is from The Laundress - they have several different kinds of eco-friendly we highly recommend! You can easily shop their products according to the particular wash you are doing!

Dryer Balls - These really cut down on drying time, and also help your items come out extra fluffy and fresh!

Finishing Sprays For Days - We are big fans of a good wrinkle release spray at our installs! Or a nice linen spray to keep your clothing and linens spelling fresh for days! We also like to use fragrance sachets in our linen drawers because I am addicted to that fresh-from-the-dryer smell!

Keep your pesky Active Wear from smelling up the gym!

A Fall Must Have!


Thanks for joining us for another #ProTipTuesday! We know that doing laundry is the chore that never ends, so we hope that some of our tips and tricks will help make the process a little easier! Have more tips for us? Share them in the comments below!

Now I must go rotate my laundry....



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