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"The details are not just the details, they make the design." - Charles Eames

This isn't just a quote to us - it embodies our whole design philosophy.  We take a wholistic approach when it comes to our design projects, focusing and honing in on every detail. This added attention, combined with our streamlined process, creates an extremely simplified and enjoyable design experience for our clients.  We take their needs and wants, and balance them with aesthetically pleasing design solutions to their problems.  Our team firmly believes that no one person is alike, so why should their spaces be? We strive to curate innovative designs by executing a vision that is unique to you.

Below is an outline of our process, and what you can expect working with our team. Because your project is unique, you might need only one, or all of these phases. Don't worry, our team is able to accommodate projects of any size! Feel free to reach out and create a customized package that better suites your project needs!


Step One:

The Consultation Process

Phone Consultation

20-30 Mins

 This is where we get to know the (6) W's about your project:

  • Who: We get to know more about you and your expectations for your project.

  • What: We get to know more about the scope of work needing to be done.

  • Where: We get to know more about your project location, and where you are currently living.

  • When: We talk about your project timeline, and your goals on completion.

  • Why: We get to know more about why you are wanting to change-up your space, and why you decided to seek professional design services.

If you feel like we are the right fit, the next step is to schedule your in-person consultation!

In-Person Consultation

1-2 Hours

This is where we dive deeper, really fine-tuning your desired goals for the project. We take detailed notes, documenting the space and any furniture you wish to re-use, as well as discussing your initial thoughts on design direction.


Within (3) business  days you will receive a detailed program outlining your project goals and requirements. This also includes our design contract with an itemized scope of work you can expect us to complete, and our proposed fee for the project. We will also share some basic ideas about our vision for your project.

Schematic Outline

In this phase we like to meet with your contractor  and/or architect, review provided budgets and recommend  adjustments, and create a schematic design outline for better project budgeting.

Design Direction

The next step is our design presentation, where walk through your entire space outlining all our design concepts and ideas on how we aim to achieve  your project goals. This provides a whole "mood" for the project, and is used as a visual aid moving forward.

Space Planning

Step Two:

Schematic Outline

Design Direction

Interior Design Objects

Step Three:

Specification Development

Finish Selections

Specification Development

Once design direction has been decided on, we start developing all the required specifications for your project.  As design decisions are made, we keep a detailed record of all approved items.  Once complete we issue this to your contractor as an easy guide on how to execute our design. 

Finish Selections

This is where your design starts to come to life, as we begin to select the finishes and fixtures required for your project.  We will arrange selection meetings with our trusted vendors, and coordinate all information to your contractor and into your project drawings.

Construction Drawings / 

Specification Coordination

After all major finish and equipment selections have been made, we finalize your detailed drawing set. This gets coordinated with the details in your specification documents, and will be issued with a final copy of your specification binder to your contractor. 

*All structural drawings must be done by an architect or engineer 

Building Plans

Step Four:

Construction Drawings

Specification Coordination

Architects Planning

Step Five:

Construction / Project


Construction  / Project


Once all design documents have been turned over, we will arrange for periodic site visits to oversee design implementation. We will be available for any additional drawing clarifications or updates required, and manage specification updates/adjustments as needed. We will also attend site-visits and oversee the final punch list at project completion.

Furniture Selection 

& Procurement

Our first step is to create a complete furniture budget that suits the needs of your project. Once approved, we use our layered approach, going room by room, to select each piece going into your new space. When you are happy with the final results, we will create a proposal for every item, down to the accents, for your review and approval.  Purchase orders will be made for approved items, and we will follow up with our vendors until all items are safely received.  Any damages or issues will be handled by our team!

Interior Design

Step Six:

Furniture Selection

& Procurement

Interior Design

Step 7:

Furniture Installation

Styling Services

Furniture Installation

After all your items have been received, and construction has been completed, we will arrange for all items to be delivered to your jobsite.  Our team will take extra care in placing every item as planned, and making final adjustments as needed so all you have to do is enjoy your new space! 

Styling Services

In order to get that "layered" look - sometimes additional rounds of styling may be required.  We will take note of any final wishes you might have and present you with an optional sytling package.

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