"The details are not just the details, they make the design." - Charles Eames

This isn't just a quote to us - it embodies our whole design philosophy.  We take a wholistic approach when it comes to our design projects, focusing and honing in on every detail. This added attention, combined with our streamlined process, creates an extremely simplified and enjoyable design experience for our clients.  We take their needs and wants, and balance them with aesthetically pleasing design solutions to their problems.  Our team firmly believes that no one person is alike, so why should their spaces be? We strive to curate innovative designs by executing a vision that is unique to you.

Below is an outline of our process, and what you can expect working with our team. Because your project is unique, you might need only one, or all of these phases. Don't worry, our team is able to accommodate projects of any size! Feel free to reach out and create a customized package that better suites your project needs!


Step One:

The Consultation Process

Phone Consultation

 This is where we get to know the (6) W's about your project:

  • Who: We get to know more about you and your expectations for your project.

  • What: We get to know more about the scope of work needing to be done.

  • Where: We get to know more about your project location, and where you are currently living.

  • When: We talk about your project timeline, and your goals on completion.

  • Why: We get to know more about why you are wanting to change-up your space, and why you decided to seek professional design services.

The next step is to send over some pictures and dimensions of your space! 

Project Details

We help you take the necessary dimensions and pictures of your space, as well as any items we need to incorporate into your design. Once these items are received, we will turn around your Design Direction package within (5) business days!

Design Direction

The next step is our design presentation, where walk through your entire space outlining all our design concepts and ideas on how we aim to achieve  your project goals. This provides a whole "mood" for the project, and is used as a visual aid moving forward.

Space Planning

Step Two:

Design Direction


Step Three:

Concept Board

Concept Board

Once design direction has been decided on, we  develop a concept board with all the objects / finishes we propose for your space.  Once objects are approved, links will be provided for purchase.

Construction Drawings / 

Specification Coordination

If any construction,  tile or basic lay-out drawings are required for your contractor, this is where we will execute those needs.*  

*All structural drawings must be done by an architect or engineer 

Building Plans

Step Four:

Construction Drawings

Specification Coordination

Architects Planning

Step Five:

Item Procurement Assistance

Item Procurement Assistance 

We will guide you through the purchasing process, and help you with any issues that arise with ordering.  Sometimes we suggest to-the-trade only options, and we can procure those options for you!

Installation / Styling 

Once all suggested items have been received, we will schedule a one-on-one video call to help you finalize the styling of your space.

Interior Design

Step Six:

Installation Assistance